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Steven is sitting on Alanna’s lap. And she has her arms around him.

Can we just talk about this for a second please? 

spanishrose2002 why did you not tell me he was ON HER LAP WHEN YOU SENT ME THIS?! 

Maybe because I didn’t notice?  I’m not as invested as you are.  I just sent it to you in hope of a smile.  LOL



The Walking Dead - S05E02 - Carol & Daryl Water Jug Scene


I don’t know who these people are. Suddenly she’s feeling like she’s a stranger among the family ~Melissa McBride.

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Carol: “I’m doing first watch.”
Daryl: “I’m going too.”

Carol: “I’m going to make a water run.”
Daryl: “I’m going too.”

*Daryl can’t find Carol in the church*
Daryl: “Where did she go off too…?”

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